Queens Metro Triathlon Team Members Going to Nationals


The Queens Metro Triathlon Team is going through a transition stage this school year. They have 3-4 active members who are alumni plus 7 student-athlete members. Eric will be budgeting for race fees for the upcoming indoor triathlon race season, for all of these members. The indoor season begins in January with the Lifetime indoor tri, then there is the YMCA indoor tri, as well as a series at Chelsea Piers that they compete in. 

Queens Metro has two members who are both nationally ranked, and another up and comer on the way. This particular group of students requires a different set up, as they desire to compete on a higher level. This requires Eric to identify destination events where the students can gain the exposure they are looking for. Eric currently has 5 emails from college coaches for his top female triathlete.

The pictures below represent what the upcoming indoor triathlon will look like, including the 2018 indoor series, their workouts at the studio of Greg Close (Pro Triathlete, and TriBy3 Coach) and a picture of one of the student-athletes at Nationals.

Best of luck to the Queens Metro student Triathletes in meeting this school year’s goals!