Essential Swim Equipment for Triathlon


Steve Tarpinian reviews some helpful swim training equipment.  There are 4 items that are essential for swimming and training

  1. swim suit
  2. goggles to protect the eyes
  3. swim cap to protect hair
  4. body of water to swim in

Items that are very helpful for swim training and to perfect your technique include:

  1.  Pair of short fins – fins are helpfull for speed training during drills and help with body position without struggling.
  2. Resistance tubing with different thicknesses will help you focus on your swim technique.
  3. Front mount snorkel – with this snorkel you don’t have to worry about turning your head to breathe. The front mount snorkel allows you to spend time looking at your stroke and you will not be distracted by your breathing.
  4. Tethered tube to a belt – This gadget allows you to swim against resistance tubing while swimming across the pool; if you have a coach or friend – they can hold the tubing and pull it  while you swim across the pool, allowing you experience fast swimming.  This also helps to simulates speed training. Always wear eye protection when doing this as the tubing could snap back.
  5. Fulcrum paddle  – helps work on the catch of the high elbow at the beginning of the pull. This paddle is a very helpful learning tool.
  6. The paddle – Steve was not a fan of big wide paddles as they provide too much tension and strain on the shoulder. He preferred freestyle paddles to help with the entry and extension.

The following equipment is not highly recommended by Steve as it tends to become a crutch rather than something that will help with swim training and technique:

  • Pull buoys are good when you are recovering from  injuries.   However, they do not help improve your swim training and technique. They become a crutch and are used by those who do not know how to kick and do not understand proper swim body position.
  • Kick Boards can be helpful to kick around with your friends and socialize or are helpful with recovery from an injury.   But for swim training, use fins and different body positions instead.